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Draped In Love

October 11, 2010 11:57 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart

Over this past weekend I went on a jewelry-making rampage!  Once I get in the zone, there is no turning back.  The result of all this madness was a sore back and neck (from concentrating so hard), and some really cute stuff!  Totally worth the backache!  I am excited to debut this chain necklace and bracelet!

Straying from my usual fedora, I chose this pageboy hat.  LOVE!  Confession: I had to cut the elastic in the back because my head was too big!  Haha.  You know what they say...big head = big brain!  I'm just really smart! :)

This shirt is extremely shapeless, but I am really loving the soft drapey-ness (fake word) of it.  The color is so beautiful and romantic.  I can also picture it with dark grey...that would be fab!  Ok my peeps, let me know what you think about my jewelry-making skills!  I love hearing your feedback!

**Jeans: Just USA, Shirt: Citiwear, Shoes: JC Penny, Hat: Ross, Rings: Target and Guess, Bracelet and Necklace: Made By Me! Find It HERE

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Deep Blue Sea

August 27, 2010 1:53 am · Posted by sassysweetheart


As I mentioned in an earlier post, my 3 year wedding anniversary was this week and the hubby and I spent the day at the Aquarium.  A smorgasbord of beautiful scenery!  My camera was going wild!

My goal in my attire was to be comfortable, but still look hot for my husband!  A cotton military dress with my extremely comfortable oxfords fit the bill!  A fringed shoulder bag was light enough to carry throughout the day, but big enough to carry all the necessary things a girl needs (Compact, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, tissues...and the list goes on and on!).  A woman's purse is like a black hole!  You never know what you might find in there!

There were so many interesting things at the Aquarium, but coolest by far was the shark exhibit.  My husband, being a huge fan of Shark Week and just sharks in general, was like a little kid in a candy store.

I am quite smitten over sunsets and the ocean!  I have taken up a new interest in photography and have been seeing the world through a camera lens!  Here is a beautiful photo I thought I would share with you.  A walk by the shore watching the sunset was truly a romantic setting and the end to a wonderful day!

**Dress: Ross, Belt: American Eagle, Shoes: Naturalizer, Purse: Ross, Bracelet: Kohls

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