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I See London, I See France...

October 7, 2010 2:38 am · Posted by sassysweetheart

The season of tights and boots has begun!  I use to relate tights to little kids or old ladies, but it is a new generation!  Now can't get enough of them!  There are so many different patterns, textures and colors.  You can really have a lot of fun with them!

There is so much going on in this outfit.  It is kind of a hodge podge of random items, but I had so much fun wearing it.  I felt like I belonged in London or Paris...maybe it's the hat.

These boots were purchased from Bakers at the end of the winter season.  One of the best deals I have ever found on good quality boots...$30!  What a steal!  The end of season sales are where you can always find the best deals!  Granted, you may have to wait a little while until you use the item, but it is well worth it!  It's like getting a Christmas ornament from someone as a Christmas present.  You have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to use it!  I know, I know, it's the thought that counts. :)

**Skirt: Marshall's, Shirt: Ross, Cardigan: Ross, Belt: Fashion Q, Tights: Forever 21, Hat: Target, Necklace: Drugstore, Boots: Bakers

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When the Sun Goes Down

August 31, 2010 10:23 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart


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These shoes may be my favorite purchase EVER.  They are in a word... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Did I spell that without looking it up you wonder?  Not a chance.  Haha.  I bought these ridiculous shoes last year at Ross of course for $20.  They must have been marked incorrectly because I later saw them at Ross for $80!  Yay for human error!  And the joy of discount stores!

I took my photos today around sundown.  I am experimenting with different lighting, and dang it is difficult to take pictures at night!  But it was fun and created a different background.  Have you ever noticed that when the sun starts going down it gets dark so quickly!  Before I knew it, darkness filled the sky!

As you know, I love pairing opposites (See Opposites Attract, A Little Romance, All Tiered Up).  This look is a prime example!  A sweet, silky skirt (With pockets! Yay!) with a leather (not real) studded jacket, and tough peep toe booties.  Add a big, chunky statement bracelet and you are good to go!

**Skirt: V Generation, Shirt: Fashion Q, Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory, Bracelet: Kohl's, Shoes: Sam Edelman

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Waiting to...Fall

August 31, 2010 1:33 am · Posted by sassysweetheart


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Alas!  As I am browsing the stores I feast my eyes on boots, cargo pants, muted neutral tones and leather jackets!  Summer is coming to an end and fall is on it's way!  Yes!  Oh yes!  The past couple days have been sunny but somewhat cool...the perfect weather!  I love feeling the wind in my hair when there is a little breeze.  It is so refreshing!  And it makes me feel like I'm in a movie or something.  You know when they show a girl in slow motion with her hair blowing in the wind.  Cheeeesy!

This is such a perfect transitional outfit from summer to fall.  Still light enough for the heat, but incorporating some trends for fall.  Military elements are really hot right now.  I always love military details on my clothing no matter what season.  It adds a little toughness to any look.  Leopard print is also in for fall.  I am itching to purchase a leopard print purse!  That is definitely going on the top of my IT list right now!

After many years of paying close attention to trends, I have found that the clothing of each season stays pretty much the same.  It is the sillhouette and details that really change (For example, the exaggerated shoulder was really popular this past year, I think that's kind of dying down now).  This makes it quite easy to keep your look updated.  Keep your classic pieces for each season, i.e. a leather jacket for fall.  Then you pair it with a trendy piece or two, i.e. the leather jacket with tapered trousers and a statement necklace.  Another tip on trends:  Don't spend too much on trendy items because you may only wear them one or two times (unless you can afford it then by all means...go for it).  Forever 21 and H&M keep up with all the lastest looks and are very inexpensive!

I hope that you have enjoyed my tips for fall shopping and that they are beneficial to you.  When will fall ever get here?!  My boots and jackets are waiting!  And they are getting VERY impatient!

**Skirt: Target, Shirt: Ross, Jacket: Fashion Q, Bracelets: Kohls, Shoes: Kathy Van Zeeland

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A Little Romance

August 25, 2010 3:00 am · Posted by sassysweetheart


The title of this post is in honor of my 3 year wedding anniversary this week!  I am just in a lovey dovey and romantic mood!

I REALLY enjoy being a girl!  This outfit has it all...pink, lace, heels, and a little sparkle!  Light pink and brown have been one of my favorite color combinations recently.  They epitomize romance, softness, and elegance!

This look is a little much for an office, but if you add a tan or cream blazer it would probably be great in a creative work environment.  I love this lace blouse paired with a heavier material skirt!  The material reminds me of a couch (a very pretty one!) or drapes.  One might not think to put these two together fearing that there may be too much going on.  By mixing different textures you create a much more interesting look that will stand out!

**Shirt: Marshall's, Skirt: BB Dakota, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelets: Kohl's, Ring: Target, Shoes: BCBG

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All Tiered Up

August 11, 2010 1:25 am · Posted by sassysweetheart


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I feel like these two pieces don't really go together, but somehow it works!  I was insistent on wearing this shirt today and the skirt was kind of an afterthought.  If you have trouble choosing your daily ensemble, pick one piece to base the rest of your outfit around.  When I have a hard time finding something to wear, the aftermath is brutal.  My bed and floor will be covered with mountains of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other random things.  It is horrendous and NOT fun to clean up.

This outfit is easy breezy, and gives off the impression that you're not trying too hard ("I try really hard, actually" hee hee! ). There are so many different things going on in it, and they all seem to contradict one another.  The frilly skirt, old man hat, preppy sweater, statement necklace, tough girl boots...that's what I love about fashion, the possibilities are endless!

**Skirt: Forever 21, Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory, Necklace and Hat: Forever 21, Bracelets: Kohl’s, Ring: Target, Shoes: Madden Girl

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<span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 14pt;">

Swell Exposed Elastic Waist Lace Skirt

$39.50 at Swell


Love21 Striped Sweater Top

$24.80$11.99 at Forever 21


SM Jan Cuff Bootie

$39.94 at DSW



Rumor Woven Straw Fedora

$22.00 at Rumor


Jeweled Damsel Necklace

$9.80 at Forever 21



Mudd® two-tone beaded bangle bracelet set

$12.00$8.04 by Mudd at Kohl's


A Little Bird Told Me

August 6, 2010 7:32 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart

A comfy, casual look for work or weekend! Once again, I am wearing green...I just cannot get enough! It is everywhere in the stores right now, along with camouflage. Camouflage...ehhh, not for me. Not a big fan. I am really loving this bird ring I found at Forever 21. The little bird told me it needed a home...as well as the skirt too. So, it is through not fault of my own that I listened. Haha. After all, I am a sucker for all animals. So now, while you are probably thinking that I have lost my mind...I have to go find it. ;)

**Skirt, Necklace, Ring: Forever 21, Shirt: Marshall's, Shoes: Somewhere in London (My sister bought them as a gift)


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Not-So-Denim Skirt

July 26, 2010 2:08 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart

Denim skirts always remind me of when I was 19 and strutting around in Hollister mini skirts. A fun time in my life, but not something I would want to wear now (at age 27... I know, I know... I look like I'm in high school). But alas! There IS a way to wear a denim skirt that is a little more mature or work appropriate. Unless you're are a rockstar (even though we would all love to be one) please don't wear jean mini skirts to work!

This skirt is made by Kensie, usually sold at Macy's for much more than I would spend on a single item, but I scored it at Burlington Coat Factory for 14 bucks! Oh yeeeah! It is actually not denim, but chambray, which is soft and wonderful! Chambray has the appearance of denim, but is so much lighter! Perfect for hot summer weather! You could definitely remove the blazer, trade the heels for sandals, and wear it on a shopping trip. Wear a sparkly top and big earrings, and you are date-ready! This skirt even works in the colder months. Pair it with some tights and ankle boots to keep your legs warm. Then add a sweater with a military jacket, and maybe even a scarf! Ahhhh the choices! I love an item that is so completely versatile!


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Bohemian Rhapsody

July 13, 2010 1:22 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart

Summertime makes the bohemian in me want to come out and play! Light, floaty dresses with sandals are perfect for the warm weather. I have been in search of a perfect LWD (little white dress) for summer, only to fail miserably! So, I had to be creative and pair a white top with a skirt. And of course, my favorite pop of color against white...TURQUOISE! A belt was extremely necessary to accentuate my waist in this shirt because it is big and flowy, as is the skirt. It is never a good idea to pair two shapeless items together without accentuating your waist. It will make you appear bigger than you are and your figure will get lost in the clothing. Even though I have owned these shoes for a couple of years now, they are still one of my favorites! When the gladiator sandal trend appeared a couple of years ago, I hoped that it was here to stay, and it HAS! The gladiator sandal has become more of a staple or classic piece, as well as the skinny jean, military jacket and shoe bootie (or shootie!). These are a few of my fa-vor-ite things!

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Polka Dots and Lace

July 3, 2010 2:10 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart

Skirt: Forever 21, Shirt: Fashion Q, Belt: Rampage, Shoes: Madden Girl, Necklace & Ring: Burlington Coat Factory

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