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Black and Brown? Get Out Of Town!

November 3, 2010 12:32 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart

Who says that black and brown don't go together?  Throw that out the window!  I looove black and brown together!  It is such a cool and modern combination.  Any shade of brown...tan, chocolate, and my favorite CAMEL!  I once saw Jessica Alba wearing a black dress with a camel colored belt and instantly fell in love with those colors together.  Add another muted color like army green and you have an awesome color pallette!

I think I'm in love...with this brown biker vest.  I am going to be wearing it a lot because it just goes with everything.  These black wedge heel boots are made by Tommy Hilfiger and are so incredibly comfortable.  I have been on the hunt for some wedge boots for a while, and finally found them at Marshall's for $35.  It is so worth it to shop at discount stores, you can really find some amazing deals.  I hardly ever shop at the mall anymore except to go to Forever 21 or H&M.  These shoes would normally sell for $100 at Macy's.  How can you beat that deal?  Jeez...

**Pants: DD's Discounts, Shirt: H&M, Vest: Citiwear, Necklace: Forever 21, Rings: Target and Forever 21, Hat: Ross, Shoes: Marshall's

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Pleather Please!

October 9, 2010 3:43 am · Posted by sassysweetheart

Still with Nicole Ritchie's style in my mind, I find myself being drawn to flowing shirts and soft fabrics.  Then I had to add an opposite.   What is a complete 180 from a flowing top?  Duh, a leather vest!  I hesitated when pairing this vest with these kind of biker chick boots.  "Is it too much biker?", I asked myself.  I looove leather and studded details but can there really be too much of a good thing?  I threw my better judgement to the wind and went for it!

Although comfort is usually the furthest thing from my mind when getting dressed in the morning (oh the things we women do for beauty!), this morning was quite the contrary!  This ensemble is the epitome of comfortable, which fit my completely lazy mood!  The last thing you want to do when laziness overcomes you is strut around in 4 inch heels all day.  It can be exhausting!

Now let me tell you something about these boots...they are my adoration at the moment!  I know, I know, I obsess about one thing after the next.  If fashion A.D.D. existed, I would have it!  So...back to the boots.  A wonderful line called Dolce Vita has arrived at Target!  They make AMAZING shoes, especially boots.  These biker boots are not bulky AT ALL, which is the main thing I love about them.  The toe is very narrow and makes for a flattering fit!  I encourage you to take a peek at Dolce Vita or Dolce Vita for Target online.  I'm sure you will fall in love as I have!

**Jeans: Just USA, Shirt: Citiwear, Vest: Candie's, Necklace: JC Penny, Ring: Burlington Coat Factory, Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target

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Cargo Frenzy

August 23, 2010 4:29 am · Posted by sassysweetheart


<script type="text/javascript"></script>

See how happy I am now that I don't have massive roots anymore?  After 6 hours of sitting in a chair with enough foil on my head to aquire a satellite signal, I became blonde, blonde, blonde!  It's a little lighter than before, and I'm likin' it!

Judging from the name of this post, you can probably guess that I'm obsessed once again.  Cargo skinnies are super cool!  Of course, adding a frilly shirt gives this outfit the feminine touch it needs.  I don't want the cargos to give off the construction worker vibe!  Although you don't really catch any construction workers wearing tight skinnies.  That would be rather frightening...how on earth would they move around?

As you can see, I'm having a little too much fun...

These leopard Kathy Van Zeeland shoes are going to carry me through fall, winter, spring AND next summer!  They are great for this hot weather, but I am especially excited to wear them with tights and a skirt when it gets cold!

FYI this is not my car.  It's actually a car parked in front of a house where no one lives.  There are tons of spider webs on it!  I was a little freaked out, but thought it would make for a cool picture.

**Pants: Almost Famous, Shirt: Ross, Vest: Forever 21, Belt: Sirens, Bracelet: Kohl's, Shoes: Kathy Van Zeeland


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<span style="color: #888888;"><strong><span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 14pt;">


<a target="_blank" href="http://www.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=132717860&pid=2254">



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Optical Illusion

August 17, 2010 9:32 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart


<script type="text/javascript"></script>

Like my new do?  Okaaay...I didn't really chop my hair off.  My hair is just in a low ponytail.   Ever since bobs have been all the rage (a la Rihanna), I have wanted to try it but have never had the guts!  This is a great way to fake it if you don't want the commitment.  It really only works if you have layers in the front.

For some reason, I just love a cutout sleeve.  It's like "oooh, there's my shoulder!"  Kinda hot.  Some girls show off cleavage, some legs, but no... I show off my shoulders!  Calm down there!  Haha.  What strange body part are you proud of?  Ears?  Elbows?  Ok, nobody likes their elbows.  Random.

Zipper detailing is so awesome!  I think the last time I had zippers on the bottom of my pants was when I was 6.  You know you're an 80's kid if you owned a pair of Jordache jeans that zipped up in the back and had a bow above the zipper.  I think they might have been light pink too!  As they say, all trends come back around, but I'm glad the good trends from the 80's came back and not the horrific ones.

Notice in the above picture, my right heel is totally sunk into the ground?  Heels + soft dirt = not a good idea!  I am actually giggling in this picture at all the ridiculousness.  I love moments when I'm alone and just start laughing to myself.  It must look odd and a little crazy, but hey I'm ok with that!  Whenever I do something dorky like trip on my own feet, first I look to see if anyone witnessed it, and THEN I laugh.  You know you do it too!

**Jeans: Angels, Shirt: Lush, Vest: Fashion Q, Ring: Gift from a friend, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelet: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Report

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<strong><span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 14pt;">

Jessica Simpson Jeans, Ingenue Zipper Skinny Gray Wash

$69.00 by Jessica Simpson at Macy's





<strong><span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 14pt;">

Minkpink Serengeti Slouchy Tee

$50.00$25.00 by Serengeti at shopbop.com





<strong><span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 14pt;">

Sauce Army Vest

$92.00$50.00 by Sauce at National Jean Co.





<strong><span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 14pt;">

Jessica Simpson Women's Satino Platform Sandal

$89.00$63.37 by Jessica Simpson at Endless.com





<strong><span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 14pt;">

Luxe Hanging Necklace

$9.80 at Forever 21





<strong><span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 14pt;">

Hammered Open Disc Cuff

$19.00 at Arden B



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Green and More Green!

August 16, 2010 12:56 am · Posted by sassysweetheart

This is definitely going to be the hot color of the season! Here are a few of my favorite choices! Enjoy!

Summer of Love

July 16, 2010 12:44 am · Posted by sassysweetheart































Whenever I am at a loss of style ideas, my go-to outfit always consists of jeans, a loose top, and a vest.  During the colder months, add boots to that equation.  If an outfit is too plain and is missing something…oh, just add a vest!  The outfit needs some structure…of course, just add a vest!  Along with belts, military jackets and knee high boots, vests are an obsession of mine, and I have been collecting them for years!  My closet is full of every style you could possibly imagine!  Speaking of my many obsessions, I am counting down the days until I can begin wearing my boots again.  I am beginning to miss them.  They look so sad and lonely in my closet.  So sad.  The best time to stock up on them is at the end of the winter season, when they get marked down.  You can really score some amazing deals!

These gladiator heels I bought at Marshall's for only $20 and they are so comfortable!  If you have trouble walking in heels, a good way to start off is to wear a shoe with a thick heel or wedge.  They are a lot easier to walk in than a skinny heel.  You still get the height and the comfort!  It's a win-win situation!  Just be careful that you are not pairing a chunky heel with an extremely ladylike dress because you don't want the shoe to overpower your dress.  The last thing you want is for people to only notice your feet!  "Hello, my eyes are up here!"  Ha.

**Jeans: Tyte, Shirt: Forever 21, Vest: Macy's, Shoes: Marshall's, Ring: Target, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelets: Kohl's

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Heritage 1981 Lace Trim Blouse

$18.90 at Forever 21


$109.00$49.00 by Annarita N. at YOOX

Sonoma life + style® gold-tone beaded crochet multistrand necklace

$18.00$9.00 at Kohl's

Enzo Angiolini Minx Leather Wedge Gladiator Sandals

$79.00$35.99 by Enzo Angiolini at Lord & Taylor






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