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Ruffle Me Crazy

November 8, 2010 8:56 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart

Not only am I in love with the color of this jacket, but TA-DA!  It has ruffles too!  Add ruffles to anything and I will fall in love instantly.  This camel color is so versatile and a less harsh version of the leather jacket as opposed to a black one.  It almost goes with anything!  Throw it over jeans and a t-shirt, or a long bohemian dress.  The result is instant put-togetherness!

**Jeans: Bullhead, Sweater: Ross, Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory, Hat: Target, Necklace: Forever 21

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Pair of Paste Pants

September 10, 2010 2:39 am · Posted by sassysweetheart

My absolute favorite episode of Friends is when Ross buys leather pants and gets so sweaty in them that he can't get them back on!  He then puts baby powder on his legs to dry up the sweat, and when that doesn't work, he adds lotion.  The mixture makes a paste, and Joey tells him to make a pair of paste pants!  I've seen this episode a hundred times, but it gets me laughing every time!  So, here is my pair of paste pants in honor of Ross!

When these shiny leggings started popping up everywhere after Lindsey Lohan started wearing them, I did not really care for them.  But, I like to try everything at least once so I bought a pair.  I actually looove them now!  They are actually a lot easier to wear than one would think.  If you are wearing them for day, make sure the rest of your outfit is pretty toned down.  A plain t-shirt, and a dark blazer is perfect.  For going out at night, a sparkly top would be super hot!  Please make sure you wear a long enough shirt to cover your booty!  Leggings are NOT flattering as pants, people.  I feel naked when I wear leggings!  You don't want to look like Sandy from Grease!  Maybe for Halloween, it's coming up...hey, costume idea! :)

It is a rare occasion that I put an outfit together without a belt.  Ooooh belts...you complete me!  Wrap belts are especially a favorite of mine.  Add little biker chick studs to that and I can't control my giddiness!

I added this ruffle cardigan to put a little femininity to the look.  The boots just go with the tough girl theme.  So completely comfortable and easy!

**Leggings: Marshalls, Shirt: Marshalls, Cardigan: Ross, Belt: Fashion Q, Boots: Madden Girl, Earrings: H & M

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When the Sun Goes Down

August 31, 2010 10:23 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart


<script type="text/javascript"></script>

These shoes may be my favorite purchase EVER.  They are in a word... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Did I spell that without looking it up you wonder?  Not a chance.  Haha.  I bought these ridiculous shoes last year at Ross of course for $20.  They must have been marked incorrectly because I later saw them at Ross for $80!  Yay for human error!  And the joy of discount stores!

I took my photos today around sundown.  I am experimenting with different lighting, and dang it is difficult to take pictures at night!  But it was fun and created a different background.  Have you ever noticed that when the sun starts going down it gets dark so quickly!  Before I knew it, darkness filled the sky!

As you know, I love pairing opposites (See Opposites Attract, A Little Romance, All Tiered Up).  This look is a prime example!  A sweet, silky skirt (With pockets! Yay!) with a leather (not real) studded jacket, and tough peep toe booties.  Add a big, chunky statement bracelet and you are good to go!

**Skirt: V Generation, Shirt: Fashion Q, Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory, Bracelet: Kohl's, Shoes: Sam Edelman

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All Tiered Up

August 11, 2010 1:25 am · Posted by sassysweetheart


<script type="text/javascript"></script>

I feel like these two pieces don't really go together, but somehow it works!  I was insistent on wearing this shirt today and the skirt was kind of an afterthought.  If you have trouble choosing your daily ensemble, pick one piece to base the rest of your outfit around.  When I have a hard time finding something to wear, the aftermath is brutal.  My bed and floor will be covered with mountains of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other random things.  It is horrendous and NOT fun to clean up.

This outfit is easy breezy, and gives off the impression that you're not trying too hard ("I try really hard, actually" hee hee! ). There are so many different things going on in it, and they all seem to contradict one another.  The frilly skirt, old man hat, preppy sweater, statement necklace, tough girl boots...that's what I love about fashion, the possibilities are endless!

**Skirt: Forever 21, Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory, Necklace and Hat: Forever 21, Bracelets: Kohl’s, Ring: Target, Shoes: Madden Girl

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Swell Exposed Elastic Waist Lace Skirt

$39.50 at Swell


Love21 Striped Sweater Top

$24.80$11.99 at Forever 21


SM Jan Cuff Bootie

$39.94 at DSW



Rumor Woven Straw Fedora

$22.00 at Rumor


Jeweled Damsel Necklace

$9.80 at Forever 21



Mudd® two-tone beaded bangle bracelet set

$12.00$8.04 by Mudd at Kohl's


Tan Booties

July 23, 2010 1:14 pm · Posted by sassysweetheart


Loving these open toe shooties that blend in with my skin color!

By Apt 9 bought at Kohl’s for $20

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<span style="font-family: 'Footlight MT Light','serif'; font-size: 16pt;">

Wedge Peep Bootie

$29.50$17.99 at Wet Seal


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