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I wake up every morning, excited about what new outfit may unfold from my walk-in closet.  Every day is a chance to play dress-up, and test my fashion choices out on the world.  I would not categorize myself in any particular genre of style; its just however the mood strikes!  When I find an item I really love, whether it be a necklace, blazer, or a pair of studded gladiator heels, I tend to obsess over it and wear it continuously until I'm sick of it.  Call it too much of a good thing, you might say.

A bit more on the personal side, I am happily married to a wonderful man who completely gets me and my quirky ways!  I am a little of a germ freak, especially when it comes to restaurants and food.  I always cover my silverware with my napkin immediately after being seated at a restaurant so they won't place the menu on top of it.  Imagine how many germs are on those menus!  Hand sanitizer is always readily available in my purse.  Call it obssive if you will.  I will not ramble on about my other compulsive, slightly gemaphobe behaviors.  I would not want to frighten you!

I hope that you will feel free to send me your style questions and thoughts.  I created this blog to share my take on fashion and also give women ideas on how they can look great every day!  Even on a budget!  My mom taught me to always look your best.  You never know who may be watching!


With love,